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What is Sognare?

Sognare is the most comfortable pillow you will ever own. It’s made with the most innovative materials available today. Sognare helps align your spine and vertebrae in the correct posture while you sleep, avoiding chronic fatigue and neck and back compression.

With Sognare, we guarantee a perfect rest because Sognare is the only pillow perfectly molded to the way your body moves during sleep.

1 Exterior cover

200-thread-count premium cotton. Zigzag needlework construction promotes proper air ventilation and maintains perfect form.
2 Fiber construction

Fiber encapsulation ensures your pillow stays soft while maintaining its shape.
3 Fiber encapsulation

Breathable fiber encapsulation keeps filling fresh and always inside.
4 MICRO GEL filling

Hypoallergenic thermal gel micro-fibers provide exceptional support. Fibers are so small it would take 100 to equal one human hair!

90-night trial
10-year guarantee.

Sleep, rest and dream on Sognare, and if you don’t fall in love with this pillow, return it for a full refund.

Do you sleep on your back, side or stomach? We’ve created a pillow that accommodates any position, no matter how much you toss and turn in bed.

Washes easily
Breathable zig-zag fiber construction
Helps you maintain healthy spinal posture while at rest.
Maintains its form wash after wash

Perfect for everyone

Gel microfibers 100-times thinner than a strand of human hair maintain the perfect balance between softness and support--acting like air valves for perfect comfort. Sognare moves with you all night long no matter what position you sleep in. You experience unparalleled firmness, softness, delicacy, freshness and support. Isn’t it time you slept with the best technology available today?

Hear what our satisfied customers
have to say


I usually prefer to use down pillows,
but I saw Sognare on TV and decided to try it.
I can’t believe the comfort
and support it provides.
I really was skeptical at first,
but with the money-back guarantee I decided
to give Sognare a try, and now I’ve thrown
away my old down pillows.

- Sofía M. -

Amazing product!

I’ve tried so many pillows on the market
today, but now, I won’t use any other pillow
except Sognare! Thanks to Sognare,
my whole family sleeps better than ever.
We're in love with Sognare!

- Arthur G. -

Much more
than I expected

I am so happy to have found Sognare.
I was a little doubtful at first when
I ordered it since
I prefer a firm pillow and like to see
and feel a pillow before purchasing it.
But Sognare is the best pillow
I’ve ever bought.
It’s so soft and comfortable
I sleep so much better at night!

- John C. -

Great pillows!

We slept in them last night
and it was amazing, I did not sneeze all night,
They are fresh and big and have
a good support, it has a great
smell and they are 100% washable.
They are very nice pillows, let´s see how
they keep up and if I recommend them.

- Kelly -

I would give it 10 stars if I could, these pillows are fantastic.

I would give it 10 stars if I could,
because these pillows are fantastic.
We bought 6 pillows to replace all the
old pillows, and since then I have slept
very good 6 nights in a row,
that had not happened in many years.
The pillows arrived on time
and very carefully packaged and protected.

- Michael J. -

This is a really
excellent pillow

I’ve been looking forever
for a pillow like this. I must
have used more than 20 different pillows,
but Sognare is the only perfect
pillow I’ve found. It’s firm yet soft.
And with Sognare, I always
get a great night sleep.

- Valery D -

This is the softest pillow I’ve ever tried, so I bought 4 at a great price.

They are the softest pillows
I have ever used and I bought
4 at a great price.
I’ve had them for a month
now and they are just as
good a new, the same shape
and all. This was a great
buy for me.

- Regina F. -

Incredible buy!

These pillows without doubt are
the best buy I’ve made in years,
and not only for their quality
but for the price, too. My husband
and I both sleep incredibly with
our heads on these comfortable
pillows. I've had nothing but
sweet dreams since we started
using them!

- Raquel G. -

Sognare never loses its form or shape like other pillows do.

Sognare’s thermal microgel fiber construction keeps it fresh feeling all the time. Unlike other pillows, Sognare is guaranteed for 10 years. Compress Sognare and it always returns to its original form. And Sognare adjusts automatically to whatever sleeping position you prefer, on your back, side or stomach. And you can be sure that Sognare is hypoallergenic for allergy-free use all the time. Sognare is soft, standard size and adaptable to any type of bed.

It does not matter if you like to sleep face down, up, sideways, Sognare adapts to any form of sleep. Feel completely safe as it does not cause any type of allergy. It is soft, standard size and adapts to any type of bed.

Sognare always feels fresh

Sognare’s microfiber gel filling-100s of times thinner than a human hair-provides superb ventilation so Sognare stays fresh and cool to the touch. Made of 100% 233-thread premium cotton, Sognare combines high-technology construction with superb softness for unparalleled comfort and rest.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Inova has been offering the best quality products of direct sale by TV for 25 years. By purchasing our products, you make an excellent investment for you and your family. With this in mind, Inova provides you with the Total Satisfaction Guarantee for free. If for some reason you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days, you can request the product change or your money back.

Guaranteed for 10 years

Sognare is not only one of the most advanced pillows on the market today, its quality is also completely guaranteed. We’ll replace your Sognare pillow for up to 10 years in case of.

- Loss of form due to failure of filling
- Defects in Sognare’s outside covering
- Loss of filling due to leaks

Our 10-year guarantee comes at no additional cost and ensures a money-back refund or exchange if you’re not totally satisfied with Sognare’s performance.

Try Sognare risk-free for 90 days and you’ll discover it’s the best pillow in the world.


Start enjoying better sleep at night with this special offer of 2 Sognare pillows for just $19.95 + $19.90 S&H. If you are 100% satisfied, after 30 days you will be billed two monthly payments of $49.95 (for a total of $119.85 + $19.90 S&H). After your final payment there will be no more charges. If you are not completely satisfied and wish to claim your Satisfaction Guarantee reimbursement, call (888) 339 5182 within 90 days of Sognare's delivery to obtain a Return Authorization Code (RMA). Once your return has arrived at our warehouse, we’ll refund your $19.95 initial payment as well as any other payments you have made. Customer is responsible for returned product shipping costs. All charges and credits will be made to the credit card information you provide and will appear on your credit card statement as Inova US.

Delivery time: 2-3 weeks.

**State taxes will be charged to shipments of product to the following states: FL and GA.

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